“Emery Entertainment has such a strong, clear vision of how to market shows effectively. They know what has succeeded for other venues and markets that it just seems to go like clockwork. And the best thing…the strategies work!”

Milwaukee, WI


“Emery Entertainment brings great new products, compelling messaging and strong marketing assets. They know their product and audiences. They create sharp strategies for delivering ticket sales and are willing to brainstorm new ideas”.

Phoenix, AZ


“Emery Entertainment provided us with a large variety of creative assets for the show. Everything from ad mats, localized video and copy were at our finger tips. Having access to so much information allowed us to really diversify our marketing efforts. Ticket sales jumped dramatically. Overall, multiple sold out shows seem to speak for themselves.”

Tampa, FL



Arts Interview with Nancy Kranzberg: 73. Paul Emery: President of Emery Entertainment

St. Louis, MO